Krav Maga Oxford - Nationally Recognised Training in Oxford

Authentic British Krav Maga In Oxford

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Krav Maga Oxford will be launching new classes in January 2018 at Rose Hill Community Centre, Oxford. We are a British Krav Maga Accredited Krav Maga School run under the supervision of Professional Instructor Wayne Bailey. Wayne completed the 18 Day British Krav Maga professional certification and has been training and teaching since 2013.

We welcome all abilities to our small and friendly classes, click on the link below to Find out more.

What is Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a combat and fitness training system from Israel. Krav Maga is most famous for it's use as the Israeli Defence Forces system of hand to hand combat. In fact Krav Maga is the longest standing military hand to hand combat system in modern history.

Krav Maga Oxford offers a great community, Nationally Recognised Training and access National and International level events for members.

Why not find out more about Krav Maga. Download the Beginners Guide and find out more.